where is this stuff?

I go through so many magazines a week. I see all sorts of cute things, things I’d possibly want to buy. I just don’t know where the hell to get them! Mags get samples for future collections months in advance to shoot. By the time the issue is printed, the designers collection may or may not have been produced, etc.

In a word, frustration. Why must they tease me this way?

Love this coat from H&M

<br />

Anyone been there recently and seen it? This photo is from WWD and not a glossy, so maybe my chances are good….

3 Responses to “where is this stuff?”

  1. Pierre Says:

    Don’t many magazines have a brand index in the back? Or, on the borders of the photo itself, along with photographer, stylist, agency, etc. credits, they often name the clothing label.

    I guess you don’t study fashion magazines the way *I* study fashion magazines.

  2. judy Says:

    yes but the problem is when you go to the store’s site or the store itself…it’s never actually there!!

  3. Alicia Says:

    You are so right! I searched for a pair of shoes I saw in a magazine and could never find them. (I still look!) The magazine even gave contact info to call the maker and the number would just ring and ring.

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