What every woman MUST have

Something Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor and our fashionable mothers knew, but failed to pass on to us: the importance of the slip! Before you buy anything else for the next 24 hours, be sure you arm yourself with the proper under garments so we aren’t having any embarrassing faux pas. Because you think people don’t notice…BUT THEY DO! In order of importance if you can’t get them all at once:

A good, “nude” full slip with thin, adjustable straps. Commando makes a good seamless one. I say “nude” one woman’s nude is another woman’s not so nude. Commando has different shades of “nude” which we certainly appreciate!

<br />

I know you don’t want to spend a bunch of cash on a slip, but suck it up and invest in a good one and you’ll find that you reach for it more than not.

Next, a half slip version. I’m also a fan of Commando’s.

<br />

And since we’re talking about wardrobe essentials we should all have, might as well mention these:

Silicone nipple coverage

<br />

Seamless boy shorts (again, I’m a Commando fan)…you should already have these, so if you don’t, get this before you even think about the slip.

<br />

And if you want to get a little more advanced, there’s backless adhesive bra cups (for those of you lucky ones who need more support than going braless with nippies).

And of course a dependable skin colored strapless bra should already be in your armory.

I love sheer tops, dresses, etc myself. And often I skip the nude slip or bra or what have you and just go full magenta or polka dot underneath. But use your discretion. Sometimes that’s not gonna fly. If ever in doubt, 1) use the nude slip and boy short, and 2) ask a friend to give you a look over.

Class dismissed.

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  1. Pierre Says:

    But without perky nipples and camel toes, what reason will (straight) men have for being interested in fashion? Even from a business point of view, shouldn’t you be *encouraging* their interest? Duh!

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