Save my seat

Our favorite furniture store in NY closed last year before we were able to buy my dream leather seater. So sad. How happy was I to discover that Restoration Hardware stocks a very similar chair for half the price!

<br />

My butt would be glued to this supple tufted leather all day. Reading, working, eating, sleeping…M would have to pull me out of this, kicking and screaming.

Now. To find space for it.

3 Responses to “Save my seat”

  1. M Says:

    Not so subtle hinting you want a chair?

  2. Pierre Says:

    I thought it a subtle hint that you wanted someone to pull you out of your chair, so that you could kick and scream while he made you feel your womanhood and his manhood.

  3. judy Says:

    Let’s keep this PG, Pierre! You’ll have to keep your steamy romance novel lines to yourself.

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