Fishy Business

Everyone’s doin’ the fishtail these days. I remember in 4th grade my classmate taught me how to do the fishtail braid. I was delighted to learn the secret and it seemed to easy for my little lithe fingers to braid through all my friends’ hair. Age has cursed me with forgetfulness and clumsiness. I cannot braid for pretzels now. Which is really really too bad because I want Lenona’s do.

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You Tube instructional videos abound, but I just can’t produce the loose result.  Can you imagine if celebrities had to show up on the red carpet having done their own hair and makeup? I would be so intrigued.

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  1. Pierre Says:

    Sharon Stone cuts her own hair (she says that you can measure the stress level in her life by how short it is). And didn’t she cause some hoopla by presenting the Oscars in an off-the-rack 20 dollar Gap sweater? That’s why I love her: all you have to do to look like Sharon Stone is to look like Sharon Stone. No sweat, right?

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