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San Francisco

I’ve been in New York long enough that I recognize myself as a big city girl through and through. But I know I left my heart in San Francisco. I don’t get to visit too often anymore, but my brother is getting married this weekend! A perfect occasion.

Sunny and high of 75 through the weekend. I’ve packed pants! A light jacket! I can’t wait to inhale the fog (and that aromatic scent of something…herbal wafting in the air?). Ahhh, I can smell it now.

Happy weekend!!



Poet’s Corner


To stay
the start
of what
could be
and echo
all ocean
in a shell.

- Peter Su



where is this stuff?

I go through so many magazines a week. I see all sorts of cute things, things I’d possibly want to buy. I just don’t know where the hell to get them! Mags get samples for future collections months in advance to shoot. By the time the issue is printed, the designers collection may or may not have been produced, etc.

In a word, frustration. Why must they tease me this way?

Love this coat from H&M

<br />

Anyone been there recently and seen it? This photo is from WWD and not a glossy, so maybe my chances are good….




I swore and swore I was not going to wear a veil. But 2 weeks until the big day and I ended up getting one. Chapel length, ivory.

<br />

Don’t get me wrong, my 2 feather headpieces and champagne birdcage veil are gorgeous. But the more I played around with them the more I felt like the birdcage was smooshing my hair onto my forehead. And the more the peacock feathers made me feel like a bird. So. Classic veil as a backup, if not for peace of mind. All 3 options are getting packed and we’re gonna make a game time decision. I have a feeling that I’m going to combine the veil and birdcage and smaller feather accent. Who wouldn’t love a windblown photo like this? (photo from

Did anyone wear a birdcage veil with success?

On the dress front…only about 20 (of 144) buttons to go!




You may have noticed I haven’t posted since the 9th. That’s because I couldn’t get to the website! We got some weird virusĀ  on what we thought was the computer but turns out was the router. How weird is that.

So. If you are having problems opening certain websites, or when you do try to go to a website and it just redirects you to an ad page or a blank screen….just try resetting your router!

Evil viruses.

Happy Sunday. Be back tomorrow, bright and early!

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