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Dear Dexter,

I am so into you. So. Please come back to me soon.



Out with the old, in the with older

Did I just die and go to some amazing place where old typewriters are re-loved into pristine condition and displayed under a warm caramel light?

<br />I think I did.


Martin Howard is the owner of this amazing jealousy inducing collection of typewriters from as early as 1882. And these aren’t the kind that have rust and dust all over. Oh no, these are museum quality. Didn’t know there were typewriters that looked like this, did ya?

<br />Me neither. He even has other cool old stuff like this fine seal.

<br />I say. They just don’t make stuff like they used to.

Martin, I hope you don’t mind my posting about your site, but had you not emailed me I would have been completely oblivious to all this glory. How excited am I that you might help me find my perfect typewriter?? So excited.



Another year another tart

I just turned another year closer to 30. I was never into celebrating getting older. But you know what, the older I get the happier I am and the more sure I am of myself. And you know what else? It’s good to be an adult because I can do things like eat Pop Tarts for breakfast. I remember walking by the wall of Pop Tarts in the grocery store, staring longingly at the sprinkled frosting on the box. My mother would never allow it. But this morning I had myself a tasty nutritionally vacant frosted strawberry tart. No, I had 2. Ah, it’s good to be an adult. Will I allow my children to eat Pop Tarts for breakfast? Probably not. I would not want to deny them this self actualization.

<br />

Happy weekend everyone. It’s freezing here! But no trudging through snow. Sorry Midwest.




<br />

<br />

<br />

Munch and his Ralph Lauren scarf. This would be their perfect winter campaign, no? I know I’m biased, but come on. Just look at him. The most beautiful face in the universe.



Beautiful and Creepy

<br />Winter

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