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It’s official

Sunday Brunch shopping bags arrived the other day. It’s official. We’re a business.

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Just when you least expect it

You know that law of shopping nature, you find something when you’re not looking for it? Well. It happened again. We were supposed to find a dress for Schmerica, a long flowing blue dress perfect for the Greek islands. But instead I got myself a second wedding dress. Wait wait, it’s not exactly a wedding dress. It’s more of a dress to change into halfway through the reception since I’ll have been wearing the big dress for 8 or 9 hours by then. But it’s not just a cocktail dress, oh no. This one is fairly substantial. Because that’s just how I roll.

I am pretty excited. So bad, but so awesome.

Is it proper etiquette to keep this a surprise from M as well? Or is he allowed to see it? Here’s a peek…

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Just one more?

I’ve already gotten too many bathing suits this season in anticipation of Greece. But dagnamit I wish this one from Juicy Couture (what??!?) were out now. Instead I have to wait until Cruise 2011 season.

<br />Eyelet will always get me.



A girl can dream

Back in the city after a relaxing weekend of sun and too much BBQ. It takes a little time to readjust to the pace of things. And back to making wedding related decisions.

I’m off to a slow start to the day, procrastinating on my trip to the grocery store. It doesn’t help that I’m day dreaming about open air Parisian markets (I dread my monthly visits to TJ)

And an excuse to have a linen baguette bag

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Sigh. But no quaint Parisian shopping experience for me today. See you in the madness that is Trader Joe’s on a Monday.



I want you

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The folks at Apple must be tickled pink. They are just coming all over themselves, watching us little people scramble for this phone. If you are not willing to wait in line for at least an hour to maybe, maybe not get a phone then you are just out of luck! This is a week after the launch.

Damn you Apple. Damn you and your sleek sexy lines, your shiny scratch proof glass, your matte steel borders. Damn you for playing so hard to get because that only makes me want you more. You make me feel like a man.

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