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Girl or Boy?

No, we don’t have a baby yet. But does that mean I can’t start my shopping early? Pshhh.

I’m dying over these pants.

<br />Dying.

So far I have limited myself to unisex (in my opinion, perhaps not M’s) itmes. Except a tiny pair of patent toe pink ballet flats. Couldn’t help myself.



Halloween, Martha style

The Queen of DIY…Martha has some excellent decorating ideas for Halloween. Sure, a little  hands on. But if you like to put a little elbow grease into your holiday set up, be sure to consult Martha.

<br />

I’ve already got some bat cutouts, owl cutouts and finger cookie recipes on the to-do list. Halloween 2011 is going to be EPIC.



National Lampoon’s Kasper Vacation

M and I have decided to go cross-country. Though not in a Wagon Queen Family Truckter. We’re going RV! And hopefully we’ll figure out how to get Mini to come along. She may need to loose a pound to get an in-cabin flight. No, neither of us have driven an RV before. No, neither of us are the “roughin it” kind. Which is why our RV will be super tricked out. I’m hoping.

If we’re lucky our adventure will be as entertaining as the Griswolds’.

<br />

Anyone been on a cross-country trip and have advice and tips? Recommended routes or stops? We’ll be going over Christmas and New Years, starting in LA ending in NY. We’re gonna see the good ‘ol US of A.




Poet’s Corner


Desire makes all things fallible
That meet a need with need
Or else, if appetite be full,
That waste the apple’s red.

Perfection is a long white dress
That sweeps the peeking stars,
But old women may come on grace
Tucked in some ragged purse.

-Peter Su



Helping our 4-legged friends

I am a dog lover. I grew up with dogs, and I can’t imagine life without the company of a fuzzy 4-legged friend/baby. It’s a good thing M feels the same way. Our retirement plans include a Bulldog Farm, as we like to call it. It will be more of a canine refuge for Bulldogs and other breeds. And I’ve always wanted to live on a farm (not the kind I actually have to work and live off…mostly the kind I get to feed and pet the animals), so there you have it.

Going through months of chemo with Munch this time last year was one of the most challenging periods of my life. Not only the emotional distress, but the uncertainty, the fear, the day to day maintenance, the difficulty of transportation, time, etc. Any one who has had to care for their pet, hell any family member canine or human fighting cancer knows.

These days pet owners have pretty good pet insurance options out there…see some comments here. Without the help of insurance, paying chemo can be crippling. Many families cannot afford treatment and must make an impossible decision. There are organizations like Frankie’s Friends that assist financially.

If you can’t donate money, there is still a lot of other things you can do to be a canine advocate!

1) Adopt. Adopt. Adopt. Or at the very least go through a responsible breeder who is looking out for their animals.

2) Donate unused food, toys, blankets, etc

3) Volunteer your time at a shelter (admin, walking dogs, etc) or adoption stand

4) Did I mention, adopt adopt adopt? It’s so rewarding and these dogs will love you forever! Petfinder is a great resource. You can also a web search for specific breed rescues in your city/state.

5) Buy pet products from companies who donate to non-profit organizations that help animals. In our house we buy from companies like    Zuke’s (The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund) and The Honest Kitchen (various charities) who have pet friendly and sustainable practices.

The pets will thank you.

<br />

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