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Countdown to Mission: EAT YOUR FACE OFF

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Christmas is in less than a week! How did this happen?? It seems to have crept up too early this year. I just started listening to Christmas music this past weekend in an attempt to throw myself into the Christmas spirit.

Our family Christmas road trip is starting this Friday. I haven’t quite finished planning the trip yet, but this map is roughly our route. Los Angeles to New York, through the South, 3575 miles in 10 days, in a 30 foot RV. And of course Mini is coming along as well. We leave LA Christmas day, so traffic should be minimal on our way to Arizona.

Oooh, this is gonna be fun!




I prefer mine sauteed and baked in cream and cheese. The most recent edition of Manhattan magazine featured Hither and Thither’s mushroom tart.

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HT’s blog is refreshingly cozy and real, highlighting the life of good looking creatives with a new baby in NYC. I’ve added the recipe to my growing pile of “Things to make during the week.”




Phillips de Pury

I’m going to my first auction today. OK, it’s open to the public so it’s not that fancy. But I’m feeling fancy regardless. If you’re in New York with nothing to do around 2pm and you like design, stop by the auction at Phillips on Park and 57th. I’ve got my eye on this..

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Shopping buddies

Few things are more valuable than a good shopping buddy. Someone to tell you those bottoms just aren’t doing it for ya. Someone to patiently walk down every isle with you without complaint. Someone to attract enough attention from the sales people that you don’t have to wander around the store forever looking for help locating the humidifiers.

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So Mini and I purchased a humidifier today. My first humidifier. I was always against buying such an extra bulky thing. And do these things really work? Or are they like Brita water filters, bought and used for peace of mind? Regardless, I’ve broken down. My skin is so dry and my sinus feels like it’s stuffed with cotton. Damn this heater season. So if it’s only peace of mind I get, then so be it.



Phoenix Work Table

Sort of on a whim M and I replaced our desk with this guy. We were just sittin’ in Crate and Barrel, waiting for mom to finish shopping. Hey, that’s a cool table! And it’s made of reclaimed telephone polls. So now said table is in it’s new home. It looks great…but…it’s….so smelly! At first I thought it was the lingering sweaty man smell from the delivery men (very nice guys btw). But no….it still stinks. It must be the table.

So now I have this awesome table to work at

<br />but I am trying not to throw up from the smell. Do I still love it? Yes.

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