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It’s been a while, guys. Sunday Brunch has been on the back burner since monster #1 was born. And anyone who knows the wee fiend knows what a handful he is. Adorable as he is. He is almost 2, and we have since bought a house in the burbs and moved everyone and everything out of the city. So Sunday Brunch is now headquartered out of New Jersey where space and (relative) peace abounds. Monster #2 recently made his arrival to Mega and Mini’s great dismay. Luckily #1 loves his little brother.

But you don’t really care about all that. What you care about is this 30% off business. Yes, 30% off your entire order including sale items that are already up to 70% off. You don’t have to be good at math to figure out that this is a big deal. We need to clear the racks and make room for new stuff. About time.

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To wean or not to wean?

As you may have noticed, the blog posts are sparse these days! I still feel like I just had a baby, but no, Lincoln is almost one year old. A YEAR! How did this happen? You mean I have been sleep deprived and looking like a slob for a year already? Time flies when you’re having fun. And when you’re constantly exhausted and feeling like you’ve been hit by a mack truck (with tiny nibbly teeth). And when you’re utterly in love. So lots of things are supposed to happen when a kid turns one year old, or so I’m told. They should be sleeping through the night (which he is certainly not), they should be weaned….but how do I get him to sleep (at all, let alone through the night!) if I don’t nurse him? This is all very confusing and a little scary…for me, forget about the baby.

So I read. I read blogs, forums, books…and while they all make it sound like it’s the easy and doable right thing to do…I just don’t know how I’m going to do this. Could I use more freedom? Absolutely. But at what cost? Amongst all the material I’ve sifted through, this really spoke to me.



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